Event PhotoWalks with Phones - NORTHAM - May 28 - SOLD OUT

West Travel Club

**This Event is now Sold Out**

Phones put photography in our pocket. And, even over the last weeks, phone cameras have made more huge advances in quality and backend technology.

That frees us up to be creative and our new PhotoWalks with Phones series fully explores that, in Northam!

**This Event is now Sold Out**

Our specialist travel photographers will help with techniques, tips & tricks … but, more importantly, they will lead and train your eye and unleash your creativity.

 Mogens Johansen — Travel Lead Photographer

 Stephen Scourfield — Travel Photographer & Travel Editor

Each PhotoWalks with Phones group will be split in two, to help us focus on the feature of their particular phone’s camera. There will be specific advice for both Apple IOS (iPhone) and Android (Samsung etc) systems.

Learn to get the best from exposure and focus controls, portrait and pano, using original and colour modes.

And each PhotoWalker will go home with a Cheat Sheet full of tips — there’s more to these phone cameras than you might imagine.

You know your phone can take great photos.

Let us help you make great pictures.

What: Photowalks with Phones

When: Saturday May 28th, 2022

Time: 9am to 11am.

Where: The meeting point will be at the end of Grey St, near the Northam Visitor centre.

Price: $49 per person.


Near Northam Visitor Centre
End of Grey St
Northam WA 6401
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1800 429 000

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