Abrolhos eye-opener is a real catch

The craypots were set last night in the Abrolhos Islands, and we board the King Diver fishing boat at 6.45am knowing that, taking into account the rock lobsters already on board the Eco Abrolhos expedition cruise catamaran, the crew can bring home 67 more from this pot pull.

With experienced Hayden Michie running King Diver, they “bag out”, easily filling that quota from 11 pots. Bagging out becomes a consistent theme during our days on the Abrolhos. Throughout the four days, we visit all three groups of the Abrolhos, King Diver helping to “feed the boat”. Cook Andrew Chaffe presents beautiful meals, usually with rock lobsters or fish straight from the ocean, particularly when guest Clive Gibsone brings in a huge dhufish.

Others of us, like Pereena McGuirk, Helna Lindhout and Robyn Foulds, are keener to get in the water, joining Eco Abrolhos’ snorkel guide Alexis Bell over pristine walls of plate coral and fields of staghorns.

We partnered in this Travel Club Tour with Imagine Holidays. Our original plan had been to visit Kalbarri and spend more time in Geraldton — but first cyclone Seroja and then the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions changed that. Behind the scenes, Imagine Holidays took the brunt of planning and replanning and replanning again.

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