Adventures shared in company of ‘friends’

The road north quickly takes us from the city to the Pinnacles and on through pretty Port Denison and Dongara to Geraldton. There’s a comfortable night ahead at the Ocean Centre Hotel with its spacious rooms.

Even though our Travel Club Tour, in partnership with our friends at Imagine Holidays, will spend five of its eight days out at the Abrolhos Islands, just 60km off the Geraldton coast, there’s a twist. We’re not going there just yet.

For, after visiting the St Francis Xavier Cathedral and HMAS Sydney II memorial in pretty morning light, then the Museum of Geraldton, we again turn north in our comfortable coach, stopping in Northampton to pick up excellent vanilla slices (at guest Kerry Butler’s suggestion), and then cutting out west to approach Kalbarri along its spectacular clifftops.

There’s something (for me) even more spectacular in store, as the Murchison River is swollen by heavy rains — its choc milk beige spilling out into the blue ocean.

The chef turns it on for us at Kalbarri Edge — super main courses for dinner topped by a splendid homemade pavlova.

Already we are comfortable together — a “family of sorts” blended by common interests, spiced by differences, enjoying one another’s company. Travelling in company has all sorts of benefits, from the practicalities of organisation to the enjoyments of conversation.

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