Aerial views phenomenal

The aircraft climbs smoothly above Broome, we circle Roebuck Bay and then head north towards the Dampier Peninsula...

Air Kimberley co-owners Ash Munn and Jensen Skjellerup promise “ancient landscapes, other-worldly phenomena”, in the company’s catchphrase, and today’s adventure has both in abundance. This is indeed a vast and ancient place. And from the air, milky-turquoise ocean, red pindan cliffs, mudflats corrugated by an ebbing tide and the verdant mangroves take on an other-worldliness.

The company has been flying for 28 years, but this year is renamed Air Kimberley, and Ash and Jensen and their team bring a new energy and professionalism to this reinvigorated version of the business.

And Ash and Jensen are clear about their beliefs and objectives. Their company is passionate about aviation, sustainable tourism and supporting our Indigenous tour partners and local communities.They are committed to connecting people to the Kimberley through unforgettable experiences and to better cultural awareness.

Pilot Shane McNeice brings it to life through a neat commentary over the GA Airvan’s headset, as I watch and photograph out of its big, clear windows. But Shane is careful to give enough time to just look out of the window uninterrupted and suck it all in.

Air Kimberley has 13 planes, from the three-passenger Cessna 182 to the GA8 Airvan for up to seven passengers and Cessna 208 Grand Caravan for up to 13.

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