All manor of places in hit Netflix series Bridgerton

Grand palaces and manicured gardens in the UK feature in scenes of TV show Bridgerton. STEPHEN SCOURFIELD shows you some of the best

The Netflix series Bridgerton has roared into the top 10 shows in all but one of the 190 countries it streams in. In more than 75 countries, it was in the top spot and it is reported that, in the US alone, nearly 65 million people have been watching.

It has already become the fifth biggest original series made for Netflix.

It is an eight-part period drama with a twisty societal plot and unabashed sex scenes.

But part of its success is due to its lavish settings and backdrops.

Great manor houses and gardens of the UK are some of the most memorable “characters” in the series. It is reported that the crew used around 100 UK filming locations. Even though the story is set in London, a lot of the filming was done in Bath.

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