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Audio: Talking Travel: Sporting fix

Stephen Scourfield

We all have our reasons for travel, and sport can be a great motivator. 

Let's talk about some exciting international sporting events 

Audio: Talking Travel: The Sounds of Ethiopia

Stephen Scourfield

Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield tells Matt Layton why music, religious chanting and song is deeply important in Ethiopian culture and why the sounds of Africa are so moving.

Audio: Talking Travel: South coast and Southern States

Staff Writer

This week's surprise sound is from our tranquil south coast. And, Matt Layton tells Stephen Scourfield about his exciting tour of America's Music Cities. 

Audio: Talking Travel: The City That Never Sleeps

Staff Writer

The Big Apple just keeps getting better! Stephen Scourfield tells Matt Layton about a host of new developments set to open in New York City.

Audio: Talking Travel: There Are Strings Attached

Staff Writer

Three's company as Stephen Scourfield and Matt Layton are joined by luthier and musician Scott Wise. From Alaska to Kerala, the South West forests and the wandoo woodlands, Scott has collected woods such as Warren River cedar, silver gimlet and Sitka spruce and crafted them into his much-sought-after ukuleles. Scott and Stephen treat Matt to a Hawaiian song ahead of their February performance of There Are Strings Attached at the Perth Writers' Festival.       

Audio: Talking Travel: Summer in Perth

Staff Writer

Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield tells Matt Layton why a holiday at home in Perth is such a delightful prospect.

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