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Audio: Talking Travel: Read the fine print

Stephen Scourfield

Terms and conditions. Who reads them? Maybe we all should. Air travel has never been cheaper. But different ticket types only mean different pitfalls for the unwary, as Stephen Scourfield discovers.

Audio: Talking Travel: Melbourne's best coffee

Stephen Scourfield

Where’s Melbourne’s best coffee?

Is it worth packing a camera or should I just take pictures with my phone?

Avoiding the car hire pitfalls.

A mixed bag of advice from Stephen Scourfield as he chats with Matt Layton.

Audio: Talking Travel: Five Hot Tips

Stephen Scourfield

Five hot tips for TODAY! From Europe to Western Australia, Travel Editor Stephen Scourfield gives his “to do list” for great deals and travel experiences. Listen now, and get onto them today.

Audio: Talking Travel: France & England

Stephen Scourfield

It's so easy to get around Europe. Stephen Scourfield updates us on his European adventures in this week's 'Talking Travel', and finds nice contrasts between time in France and England.

Audio: Talking Travel: Experience legendary American music cities on tour

Stephen Scourfield

Stephen Scourfield chats with Spirit FM's Matt Layton about an exciting tour of legendary American cities including New Orleans, Memphis and the home of country music Nashville.

Audio: Talking Travel: Sporting fix

Stephen Scourfield

We all have our reasons for travel, and sport can be a great motivator. 

Let's talk about some exciting international sporting events 

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