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Audio: Talking Travel: Photography

Staff Writer

Mogens Johansen tells Matt Layton and Stephen Scourfield about Photokina - the world's biggest camera show. And he explains the best way to take up photography as a hobby.

Audio: Talking Travel: Sounds like fun

Staff Writer

Sometimes sound can be the most memorable aspect of a destination. From the washint and masenko of Ethiopia to Lesotho's rare lasiba and Maasai singing, Stephen Scourfield treats Matt Layton to African audio.  

Audio: Talking Travel: Your questions answered

Staff Writer

Can you hire a car if you're over 70? What if you book a flight then see it advertised cheaper? Why did Stephen Scourfield give Matt Layton a roll of toilet paper? Our Travel Editor answers these questions and more on Talking Travel.

Audio: Talking Travel: Ethiopia

Staff Writer

Stories run deep in Ethiopia and Stephen Scourfield will be leading a Travel Club Tour to this intriguing country. He tells Matt Layton how you can join him in a nation enjoying a real renaissance, along the way meeting fascinating characters such as Firew Ayele who overcame great misfortune to become a beacon of hope.  

Audio: Talking Travel: Singapore

Staff Writer

The city-state has just hosted the Formula One Grand Prix under lights but there is still so much to enjoy in Singapore as Stephen Scourfield tells Matt Layton. 

Audio: Talking Travel: Europe

Staff Writer

Having returned from Austria, Stephen Scourfield tells Matt Layton why it pays to visit Europe in spring and autumn - just out of the peak season. And this week's secret sound captures the essence of Switzerland on a train!

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