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Audio: Talking Travel: Scratching around in the Pilbara

Staff Writer

Stephen Scourfield stops for a scratch with 21 year-old Sammy, scopes out a meteorite crater, amazing rock art and a WW II airfield and searches for native flora with Kings Park and Botanic Garden senior curator Grady Brand. Much to Matt Layton's delight, Sammy makes what we think is his radio debut.  

Audio: Talking Travel: Toasting the Peel Region

Staff Writer

Gemma Nisbet has been on the trail of good food and drink in the Peel Region. She whets Matt Layton's appetite with details of some of the treats she enjoyed on Millbrook Winery's 'No Waste Monday' menu.

Audio: Talking Travel: The Sounds of Far East Russia

Staff Writer

Stephen Scourfield returns from the bears of Kamchatka straight into Matt Layton's den! As is traditional, Stephen's back with a little something for Matt's listening pleasure - singing by the indigenous Even a beat.

Audio: Talking Travel: The Bears of Kamchatka

Staff Writer

Stephen Scourfield is deep in the wilderness of Kamchatka in the Russian Far East. He takes Matt Layton on the trail of the Kamchatka bear - an animal so powerful it can break the back of a moose with a swipe of its paw.

Audio: Talking Travel: Cycle Tours

Staff Writer

Watching the Tour de France is as much about admiring the scenery and architecture as it is following the race. Stephen Scourfield tells Matt Layton how travellers can ride through France independently or on organised tours.

Audio: Talking Travel: New York

Staff Writer

The Big Apple! The City That Never Sleeps! Stephen Scourfield shares some of the colour and round-the-clock excitement of New York City with Matt Layton.

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