Our World Big sights in Tokyo — the must-do list

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Let’s talk about the must-dos in Tokyo. This is my top 20 list...

Big ticks

The Imperial Palace: Emperors’ main residence, with scenic gardens.

Tsukiji fish market: Early morning bustle, best with a tour.

Tokyo Tower: A landmark like the Eiffel, with observation areas.

Tokyo Skytree: Tall tower with observation deck.

Tokyo Disneyland: Classic theme park with shows and rides.

Metropolitan Government Building: Tallest building, with observation floors.

Street life

Ginza streets: Life as we don’t know it.

Odaiba: Precinct with shopping and park and science museum.

Harajuku: Street art and fashion along Takeshita Street.

Roppongi: Evening buzz and late-night bars.

Parks and gardens

Ueno Park: Zoo, boating lake, museums and park.

Yoyogi Park: Fountains and forest in the city.

Hamarikyu Gardens: Edo period style park with Shogun villa.

Koishikawa Korakuen: Pretty and tranquil 17th-century landscaping.

Temples and shrines

Meiji Shrine: Shinto shrine with iris garden set in woodland.

Senso-ji: Temple to the Goddess of Mercy.

Yasukuni Shrine: Shinto style, with military museum.

Zojo-ji: Complete the temples with a Buddhist classic.

Day trips

Mt Takao: Take the train for a good day out and walk to the top (599m).

Mt Mitake: In Chichibu Tama Kai National Park, with 929m peak.

Fact File

OR... Tokyo tempts with other, less-bustling treasures


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