Arrivals & Departures Charge-up your outdoor adventure

Photo of Angie Tomlinson

A new device is doing away with the frustration of having your smart phone or action camera run out of batteries during your epic wilderness adventure.

Technology has become such a big part of outdoor experiences, with wearable devices, smart phones and action cameras helping us navigate, capture and experience the great outdoors. 

There's nothing more frustrating than having your smart phone run out of batteries after a few days hiking, and it often happens with most devices relying on battery life that usually lasts just a few days. 

Goal Zero, which already has the Flip 10 and 20 portable rechargers on the market, has announced the December 1 release of its more powerful Solar Ready Flip 30. 

Whilst the Flip Series 10 and 20 can fully recharge a range of electronic devices including smart phones, action cameras, torches and speakers, the Flip 30 is more powerful with a 7800mAh charge capacity providing 300 per cent backup power. In other words, you can recharge your smartphone three times on a full charge.

Flip 30 is compact, weighs about 193g and can be charged by the sun’s rays - a handy asset when on an extended camping or hiking trip. It takes about five hours to charge from flat via the USB charging tip before you head out on your trip.

The Flip 30 will sell for $99 from December 1, with the Flip 10 ($49) and Flip 20 ($79) currently available at Goal Zero.