Chargers that offer more power to you

Photo of Mogens Johansen

MOGENS JOHANSEN looks at a range of options that will prevent travellers feeling flat on the road

Keeping electronic gadgets charged when we’re on the road can be a challenge.

The smartphone gets a particularly hard work-out when we’re snapping photos and videos, browsing for information, and using maps on GPS apps. Cameras need charging. Drones take a fair bit of power.

Having a power bank at hand to give your device a boost when needed is essential to keep you moving and connected.

Power banks can power pretty much anything from smartphones to tablets and laptops. They can even charge several devices simultaneously.

They range in size, weight and capacity. But do your homework before you rush out and buy one because you can damage your device if you use the wrong charger and power bank.

Too little power means your device won’t charge or work correctly.

Too much power on the other hand generates too much heat and can damage the sensitive electronics in your device.

Thankfully most power banks automatically identify the optimum level of power for your device and have safety features that include over-current protection, overcharge protection and more.

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