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"We give back locally and we give back globally."

Over the road from Collette World Headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island, is the Collette Park.

And below it are the gardens where staff grow produce used to supply the local soup kitchen. 

They can work in the garden for four of their paid hours a month, because it is estimated that more than 50 million people in America don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

“We give back locally and we give back globally,” Collette president Jaclyn Leibl-Cote says.

The Collette Foundation is focused on the basics for children in need around the world: food and education. 

It has a long history of work in Africa, Asia and South America. Indeed, it was started when Dan Sullivan Jr visited Peru in 2006 and saw that many village children were badly nourished. 

Collette launched the non-profit organisation to improve not only their lives, but also those of other children around the world.

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Dan is described by Paula Twidale, executive vice-president of Collette, who has worked with him for 27 years, as: “A son, husband, father, grandfather, boss, visionary, tireless, dedicated and a friend.” 

Collette was also a founding member of Tourism Cares, a non-profit philanthropic arm of the travel and tourism industry, which works through volunteer programs. 

Some of this is brought to life at the restored The Strand theatre in Providence, Rhode Island, following a gala black-tie dinner for 400 guests at the city’s Waterfire. The band the Alternate Routes join with players from the Rhode Island Philharmonic orchestra to play the song Show You the World.

It was written out of a collaborative partnership with Collette, to capture the essence of guided travel with Collette.

The band’s generosity of spirit and outlook on the benefits of travel perfectly reflect that of Collette.

The company is committed to giving at least a million meals this year.

 As Jaclyn Leibl-Cote says: “If you can give back, you should give back. It’s part of our legacy.”

Show You the World

Open up your eyes, the sky will tell you what there is to see,

Let’s wake up in a brand new place, shake up everything we believe.

The light of day is reaching out, who’d have known we’d end up here.

Friends we’d never knew we had and some we’ve known and loved for years.

Is it possible it’s more beautiful than we dreamed?

Is it possible it was all right here this whole time within our reach?

Let me show you the world,

Come away with me.

Lines from Show You the World by the Alternate Routes

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