Arrivals & Departures Cruising the Thames for Downton Abbey

Photo of Angie Tomlinson

Salvation for those still grieving the end of beloved television-series Downton Abbey is here with a royal-inspired barge cruise. 

Fans can get a step closer to the Crawley family, with a week-long Downton Abbey itinerary along the River Thames aboard the barge Magna Carta visiting the castle where the series was filmed.

From the barge, passengers will be chauffeured to Highclere Castle, which was the main filming location for Downton Abbey. A public tour will reveal the grand reception, drawing and dining rooms, along with a few of the castle's 50 bedrooms.

The tour starts in London, where passengers visit Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace for a tour of the great hall, chapel and the gardens, with their famous maze. 

The itinerary also takes in the current home of the British royals, Windsor Castle, along with a private tour of a Tudor manor and a look into Oxford's Christ Church college, which was a filming location for the Harry Potter movies.

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