Cruising with Mandurah dolphins

WILLIAM YEOMAN relaxes with nature on a perfect spring day afloat on the estuary

It’s early spring in Mandurah. That means perfect days, crisp and clear. Perfect, in this case, for a Dolphin & Scenic Canal Cruise on the Mandurah Estuary with Mandurah Cruises.

I’m lucky enough to be joined by Mandurah Cruises co-owner Myrianthe Riddy, who together with her husband Peter Robinson bought the company at the end of 2016. They’ve really brought a touch of class to the business, as evidenced by the boat’s elegant interior and level of hospitality offerings.

I like, too, that they did away with the pre-recorded commentaries of old. Our guide is Kat, our skipper is Alan: both are as friendly and amenable to conversation as they are knowledgeable.

And so, as the boat sets out from its Mandjar Bay jetty to take in the Mandurah Ocean Marina, the Venetian Canals, the Creery Wetlands and other sights and sounds — not least the sleek playful dolphins and sunning cormorants — we four converse as and when the opportunity arises.

“See that giant vessel,” Myrianthe says. “That’s a crab boat from Shark Bay that works up and down the coast and is working out of here for a while.”

Kat points out more dolphins, just behind the five-knot sign. “They come into the marina for food,” she says. “Just now, they’re heading out of the canal .Myrianthe says. “But people really care about the environment, which at its core is a water-based community. And they don’t want that to change.” Neither, it goes without saying, do we.

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William Yeoman was a guest of the Mandurah & Peel Tourism Organisation and Mandurah Cruises. They have not seen or approved this story.


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