Destinations to warm the heart

STEPHEN SCOURFIELD presents his Top 10 WA winter destinations

In many ways, winter is when WA comes into its own.

In summer, we get days of singeing sun in the southern latitudes, scorchers across the State’s centre and the wet season up north.

In winter we get variety — the blue skies and perfect days in the north, sunny days and cold nights in the Pilbara and Goldfields, and then fires-and-red-wine stays and bursts of winter sun down south.

And we get the chance for excursions in and near the metro area, as we break up the winter with bright spots.

Here we list 10 winter excursions at a great time of year for getting out and about in WA.

There are some old favourites (with a twist) and new suggestions. So, let’s make the best of winter in WA.

1 Albany and South Coast

We’re starting with a full-on winter experience. The south coast weather patterns are affected by the Southern Ocean — the great ocean driven around Antarctica, west to east, in a great “clockwise” rotation, unencumbered. Our south coast looks south towards that — and I particularly feel the power of it in winter. So I embrace the winter, pack warm wear and waterproofs, and watch the waves of weather coming through.

In Albany — a town looking down on Princess Royal Harbour and defined by granite rocks and a view at every turn — I might do that from a coffee shop or on a wild coastal lookout. Visit the National Anzac Centre and head out to Torndirrup National Park.

In Denmark, I might do that by following the estuary to its mouth, and then looking out over Ocean Beach, embraced as it is by the Nullaki Peninsula, which can be hazed by the ocean spray of a big weather day. In Walpole, I’ll definitely do it among the tingle trees before bracing for a walk along the Conspicuous Cliff beach.

To be on the south coast is to embrace winter.

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