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Back-Roads Touring takes the scenic back roads instead of freeways, providing “authentic local experiences, charming accommodation and rich culinary experiences in a leisurely paced itinerary”.

Tours have a maximum of 18 passengers. Back-Roads Touring have unveiled their brochure for next year, with savings until November 30, 2018, of up to $1339 per couple on selected European tours. 

Tours include Slow Foods of Puglia and Highlights of Northern Spain, plus two new tours and nine “improved” itineraries. 

“Back-Roads’ new tours are set to excite even the most seasoned of travellers, with the Journey Through Germany itinerary exploring Bavaria, Black Forrest and the famous Romantic Road, a history-inspired yet modern travel route built in 1950 to encourage tourism in the area after the war,” the company says. 

Back-Roads spokesman Dennis Basham says they constantly improve products to make them the best they can be. 

“The new and revised tours are a direct reflection of what our customers have asked for. This includes more hands-on cultural experiences, culinary discoveries and less time spent on the bus,” Dennis says. 

“From legendary mountain passes and moving battlefield discoveries, to the century-old monasteries and cathedrals of Sicily, we pride ourselves on our offering of truly unforgettable holiday experiences for the mature traveller.” 

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