Arrivals & Departures Discover Fremantle's hidden stories with new "treasure hunt" app

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From escapee chooks running down Essex Street to children "fishing" for tourists from the rooftops of Cliff Street during the America’s Cup, the hidden side of Fremantle is ready to be uncovered.

Invisible Cities Fremantle is a free app that provides an “auditory treasure hunt” for visitors to Fremantle.

It triggers audio at locations on a virtual map, inviting users to hear stories about the significant, poignant, everyday or unusual relationships people have with their special places in Fremantle.

Users can download the app for iPhone and Android devices and look for the story site plaques around Fremantle to hear stories told by people who live, work, play and pass through the city.

Asha Bee Abraham (pictured above), the artist and human ecologist behind Invisible Cities Fremantle, has gathered 10 stories for its launch, but continues to hunt for more.

People wanting to submit memories and stories can do so at until the end of the year.

“Hearing a story about a place, whether it’s from a friend or a stranger, adds a layer to our own story of that place and strengthens our relationship with it,” Ms Bee Abraham said.

“I hope Invisible Cities encourages listeners to reflect on the places that hold their own stories, and makes them wonder about the stories of the strangers we pass on the streets and the multitudes of stories held in the streets and buildings around us.”

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