Stay well, dream now, travel later

A personal message from Australia's most experienced travel editor

Welcome to the antidote for self isolation and social distancing …

For, unless you’re extremely long sighted, you are way closer to me than 1.5m — and this intimate moment between us, the writer speaking in a low, calm voice to the reader, is about as social as you can get.

(As a writer, I’ve always felt close to readers. At this moment, I feel illegally so.)

Many reading this will have returned home and be in self isolation, others will be self isolating out of choice, and we’ll all be social distancing.

But not here. Not on West Travel Club.

For people used to being out in the world, footloose, the current situation is particularly poignant and personal, and particularly difficult.

We are cut of from the experiences that stimulate and educate us and which enhance our lives. We are cut off from the lifestyle we have chosen. In some way, we are cut off from the people we are. And, physically, we are cooped up and caged — and we’re not used to that.

But we can travel, in our minds, in these stories. Stick with us, and we’ll take you out into the world...