Dreaming up names for planes

Photo of Niall McIlroy

Scoot's network continues to expand throughout Asia and to Europe on the most modern passenger aircraft in the sky.

What's in a name?

Fun and imagination when it comes to the monikers staff at Scoot come up with for each new addition to an all-Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet.

When boarding at the airport, you may notice through the gate window the "name" of the plane written on the fuselage. 

Some airlines name aircraft after places or people. In the case of Scoot, it's usually a fun play on words.

When the airline took delivery of its first 787 from Boeing at Everett near Seattle, I went along for the ride and Dream Start certainly lived up to its name as we crossed the world, flying back to Singapore via Osaka. 

The first of what will be a 20-strong fleet for the low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines had no sooner landed when it was off again to serve the route to Perth.

It was quickly followed into Singapore by the likes of The Future is Yellow, Big Yella Fella, Scootalicious and Lickety-Split.

And the sight of Scoot's latest Dreamliner should also raise a smile. The airline has begun flights to the Indian cities of Chennai and Amritsar, its 12th Dreamliner will depart Singapore for Jaipur on October 2.

And the name on the plane? What else but Kama Scootra!

A rare look inside Boeing's Dreamliner Gallery and the Everett factory -  a building so big, it once rained inside.


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