Dreamy delight on our doorstep

PATRICK CORNISH takes time to savour a spot close to home

A box of delights right by the back door — that’s what most people in WA can enjoy.

Those who live in the Swan Valley, need no suggestion from me to enjoy the sight of vines, paddocks and hills . . . and to meet people whose forebears broke the soil, more in hope than expectation, many decades ago.

As for the rest of us, it’s well worth spending a night or two in the region just north of Guildford and Midland where there’s much to amuse and teach. Don’t mind a gin and tonic? Did you know there are dozens of ways to make gin? I had fun finding out. More on that later.

As for the area’s heritage . . . there’s so much interesting stuff that the travel editor allowed me to write a separate piece (see below) on the Swan Valley’s yesteryear.

It’s much more than wine, cheese and good cheer.

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