Driving WA’s Coral Coast - 2021 Guide

The ultimate guide to your next Coral Coast

It is our year for adventures in our big backyard.

We can see the turquoise ocean fringed by sand with no footprints, and know there is coral just under the surface.

We can wander around rural towns, find odd histories and epic stories.

We can eat local produce, and see wildlife that the rest of the world travels the globe to experience.

We can feel freedoms.

And the advantage of a drive trip up the Coral Coast Highway is that, for most of us, it starts pretty much on our doorstep.

We don’t have to drive for days to start the adventure. And, as you see here, the drive times between icons are relatively short.

The Pinnacles, Greenough, the Geraldton coast, historic Northampton, Pink Lake, Kalbarri and its Skywalk, Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Coral Bay, Exmouth set against Cape Range, and Ningaloo Reef.

That really is quite a drive, all on good bitumen roads, with fuel and help all along the way.

This is the Coral Coast Highway...

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