Arrivals & Departures Dynamic Duyfken twilight experience awaits

Photo of Clarissa Phillips

Just when you thought our west coast sunsets couldn’t get better, you can now experience them aboard the Duyfken.

The replica of the 1606 Dutch tall ship sets sail on the Swan River nightly on weekends and the public can join. 

Florist Mirjam Hilgeman has been volunteering aboard the Duyfken for nine years and says the sailing experiences are unique.

“You see history come alive,” she says. 

“To have the ship working the way she’s meant to is incredible. There are lots of replica ships that just sit static in museums, so it’s so great to see that she sails.” 

The twilight sails are on Friday to Sunday and passengers can try their hand at helping the crew.

“You can do as much as or as little as you like,” Ms Hilgeman says. 

“You can help out with raising the sails, steering the ship, but if you want to just sit back, relax and enjoy your food and drinks; that’s cool, too.”

The Twilight Sailing Experience is available until the end of March.

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