Arrivals & Departures E-bikes push cycling holidays along

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Worried you won’t be able to make it up that hill? Don’t fear, the electric bike is your friend on a cycling holiday.

Last year 1.35 million electric bikes were sold in Europe and it’s a trend that’s getting traction on cycling holidays, too.

In response to the surge in e-bike sales, UTracks general manager Kate Baker says the cycling and walking specialist will now offer electric bikes on 80 per cent of its 187 cycling itineraries across Europe in 2018.

“Essentially, e-bikes are fitted with an electric motor that adds a speed boost when pedalling, giving the cyclist a helping hand or push to get up and over hills and achieve longer distances,” Ms Baker says.

“An e-bike can be ridden by almost anyone and makes the journey physically easier without taking away from the adventurous spirit of a cycling trip."

The e-bike opens up cycling holidays to a broader market from couples or families with differing degrees of ability to people who do not feel confident enough to do a longer tour or those who want to complete a demanding itinerary but are not sure whether they are physically capable.

“We are also seeing older travellers who have been avid cyclists for many years swapping their regular bikes for e-bikes because they don’t want to give up their European biking holidays.”

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