Finding granite and greetings

Photo of Stephen Scourfield

Autumn is a perfect time to travel the Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

From classic country towns to local walks and life round “the granites”, there’s plenty to see and explore — and we know our readers will get a warm, country welcome. 

Because it is a vast area, extending across more than 200,000sqkm, it would be impossible to describe all of the regions and each of the towns, of course. 

But this Wheatbelt Guide has a strong theme — picking up the recognisable essence of the country towns of the Wheatbelt, and the surprises these areas have to offer.

For almost a third — more than 60,000sqkm — of the Wheatbelt is classified as conservation and natural environments.

There are particular sounds — a particular sort of late light in the Wheatbelt. And in our country towns I’m looking out for ...  


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