First-time afloat and all at sea?

Azamara Journey.

Advice for the nautical novice, from choosing a ship to when to board.

The sunlight makes the blue waters of the Mediterranean glisten as we stroll along the docks, the click-clack of our suitcase wheels echoing with the cawing of gulls as we approach the cluster of cruise ships berthed in front of us.

As neither of us has ever sailed on anything bigger than a small ferry, the prospect of cruising is one we’ve faced with a fair bit of trepidation. But now, as we’re approaching the point of no return, the excitement is starting to take the nervous out of the novice.

We’re embarking on a three- night, round-trip cruise aboard Azamara Journey from Civitavecchia and are about to have our first taste of one of the world’s most popular forms of travel.

For fellow first-time cruisers, the following suggestions will help take some of the anxiety away:


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