Arrivals & Departures Flight cancellations: will my travel insurance cover me?

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If you're one of the unfortunate travellers who has been caught up in the suspension of Tigerair flights in and out of Bali, one of the big questions you'll be asking is whether you're covered by your travel insurance.

According to Natalie Ball, director of, those affected by the flight cancellations may be eligible to claim for their costs.

"You may have provision to claim for prepaid expenses and lost deposits," she says.

"Your claim would be assessed on a case-by-case scenario. However, in events such as these, flight reimbursements are likely to be the airline's responsibility, not your travel insurer's."

Ms Ball says the majority of insurers will not pay out claims for cancellations arising from delays or rescheduling by an airline, bus line, shipping line or rail authority.

"While we cannot speak on behalf of all insurers, we can suggest that there may be some provision here to claim on some out-of-pocket expenses for accommodation and lost deposits. 

"It's always best to contact your insurer directly and find out where they stand on this particular issue."

She adds: "In the event of a flight delay or cancellation our advice would be to keep any additional expenses to a reasonable minimum and hang on to your receipts."

When are you covered for missed flights?

The issue of compensation for missed flights can be a confusing one. According to, you would not be covered:

However, the company says, if you’ve missed your flight and neither you nor your airline can be blamed, you could have a successful claim. For example:

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