Freedom to roam without the hassle

Chamonix is set in a picturesque French valley at the foot of Mont Blanc. Famous for its skiing, the quaint town has small, stroll-friendly streets and hundreds of years of history.

It’s a peaceful, picture-perfect place for me to start thinking about the world again.

Since March last year, we have not been publishing in these pages endless wishlists of places missed. Every week, we have been bringing you stories (inspirations and information) about places in WA and the accessible States and Territories, which you could sensibly think about visiting. We send these pages to press on Friday afternoons, for you to read from the following morning, and have often reworded, rewritten or even changed stories on Friday morning, in response to changing conditions and borders.

We did just that last Friday when the WA Government announced that the State is on track to reopen for international and full interstate travel from late January or early February. Once the reopening date is set — likely to happen in early December — it will be “locked in”, the Government says.

In that moment, the world changed, and what we do changed.

And so, from today, we broaden our horizons again, and think ahead. Although “opening up” will bring its changes and challenges, for those engaged with the wider world, it is time to think bigger again.

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