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The world of airline rewards programs can be a confusing one, filled with arcane rules and uncertainty over how to best earn and redeem your frequent flyer points.

For example, while we all know we can earn points each time we fly, it’s perhaps less widely appreciated that you can earn points daily on your regular household spending.

Indeed, the frequent flyer experts at website Point Hacks say it’s possible for a family of four to earn free flights for a tropical holiday in only six months by joining an airline rewards program and leveraging your regular household spending to earn more points. 

The Point Hacks team has looked at the Qantas Frequent Flyer, Virgin Australia Velocity Rewards and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer programs to calculate how many points you’d require to get the free flights, and how you can go about earning them.

“Fiji, Thailand and Bali are some of the best travel destinations to get awards flights for, as the points requirements are relatively low and flights are generally available,” said the website’s spokesman Daniel Sciberras. 

For a family of four travelling from Perth, he said you would  need from about 115,000 points, depending on the rewards program and destination. 

“The first step to achieving the required points is to set up your strategy: join your chosen rewards program, assess the credit cards that will earn you the most points — keeping in mind the annual fees — and get your whole household involved in leveraging your normal household spending into point earnings over the next six months,” Mr Sciberras said. 

American Express cards tend to offer the most points, he said. 

“Every $1 spent on the AMEX Explorer Credit Card can transfer you up to 1.5 Velocity Points or KrisFlyer Miles. The AMEX Qantas Premium card earns you 1.25 Qantas Points per $1 spent. Given AMEX is not always widely accepted, you may also need a Visa or Mastercard — a good earning is 1 point for every $1 spent.”

He suggested involving other family members in collecting points through supplementary rewards credit cards for your partner and through family pooling, which allows family members who live with you to transfer their points to you. 

“Qantas and Velocity will allow a family member to transfer you 5000-600,000 and 5000-500,000 points respectively each year. Velocity will also allow you to set up selected family members as contributors and you as beneficiary, so that you receive their points earned from flying.”

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