Get your science on with Dr Karl in Madagascar

Photo of Angie Tomlinson

Getting into the mind of Dr Karl Kruszelnicki would be an adventure in itself, but doing it in one of the most unique places on earth is an adventure not to be missed.

One of Australia’s most-loved scientists, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, will bring his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and infectious enthusiasm as he leads an expedition to spectacular Madagascar.

The island off Africa and the scientist are like a match made in heaven, and the pairing of the two is an exciting prospect for adventure holiday specialist World Expeditions.

World Expeditions chief executive Sue Badyari said the island of Madagascar was, like Dr Karl, synonymous with the quirky and exotic.

“Separated from Africa millions of years ago, Madagascar is a dream destination for the adventurous traveller, with its weird and wonderful animals, fantastic landscapes, and impressive tree and plant life,” she said.

From the cute lemur to the colourful chameleon, the arid Spiny Forest of the south to the tropical rainforest of the north and east, Madagascar is anything but beige.

Dr Karl will lead the tour in September next year, exploring the island’s national parks and wildlife. He was looking forward to discovering "all kinds of stuff" about the island, including more about the "strange but beautiful lemur".

Trip highlights include walking amongst the impressive baobabs forest in Reniala Private Reserve, hiking among the sandstone rock formations at Isalo Massif, trekking in the granite rock valleys at Andringitra National Park, exploring the cloud-forest national park of Ranomafana and searching for the rare golden bamboo lemur.

With 36 books to his name, multiple degrees, a 30-plus year radio and television career selling the joys of science to the masses and even an asteroid named after him, Dr Karl would be an enviable travel companion.

The 13-day Discover Madagascar with Dr Karl tour departs Antananarivo on September 2, 2017.

The tour costs from $5990 per person, including twin share hotel accommodation, most meals and transport.


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