Great State well worth revisiting

Those who tour WA will find much to fascinate, writes STEPHEN SCOURFIELD

This year, we’re treating WA as we would any “world destination”. When we’re somewhere new, a tour with a knowledgeable guide often helps to unwrap a place, and tours in the metro area, regional towns, and further afield, do the same here.

From heritage walks to wine tours and wildlife learning, there are plenty of ways to help develop even more sense of place.

pride in perth

In a remote part of Madagascar, guide and friend Diary Andrianampoina tells me the story of the baobab trees — with their bulbous trunks and a mop-top of branches, like the boabs of the Kimberley.

“When the baobab saw the palm tree,” Diary begins, “it cried out and wanted to be taller. When it saw the flowers of the flame tree it was jealous.” When it became envious of the fruit trees, the creator God got angry and pulled it out by the roots. “He put it back in upside down for being prideful.”

In the Kimberley, a guide tells me exactly the same story — how the spirits decided to make the boab pay for being so “prideful” (that same word).

And so there is another connection in the world. And so we learn.

Close to home, we could learn more of Perth’s Indigenous story, and that of Kings Park in particular, with Kerry-Ann Winmar’s Nyungar Tours; a Journey on Country with Noel Nannup through Indigenous Tours WA; or a walk though “karrakatup”, the local Aboriginal name for Mt Eliza and Kings Park, with Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours.

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