Gwalia’s ghosts are still alive and well

STEPHEN SCOURFIELD takes a glimpse into the past

Perhaps fewer than 20 people live in Gwalia today — and throughout our stay-in-WA winter, they will be generally outnumbered by caravanners and RV drivers.

For, from now to the end of October are great months to visit the northern Goldfields, and here at Gwalia, near Leonora and up the 235km bitumen highway north of Kalgoorlie, there’s a row of caravans opposite Patroni’s Guest Home, and more parked on the hill next to the museum.

But such scenes aren’t new for Gwalia. It might be a “ghost town” and heritage site of at-least national importance today, but once this was a thriving settlement.

About 1000 people lived here in 1897.

A reef of gold had been found in 1896 and they came from all over the world — and then pretty much vanished again when the Sons of Gwalia mine closed in 1963. It is running again today, and Gwalia is thriving in new ways. For the Gwalia Historical Precinct, the town site, and the Gwalia museum, are great treasures.

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