Arrivals & Departures Heli-skydive over Rotto

Photo of Angie Tomlinson

You can now skydive, out of a helicopter, over Rottnest Island.

Heli-skydiving is being offered over Rottnest Island with participants being lifted 10,000 feet above Rottnest before being released to free fall and parachute to a beach landing.

The new offering from Skydive Geronimo is in partnership with luxury helicopter tour specialist Corsaire Aviation.

The half-day tour starts at Jandakot Airport, where six passengers embark on a scenic flight to Rottnest Island. The passengers can be a mix of skydivers and spectators who can travel free with a minimum of two paying skydivers.

Passengers touch down and meet the skydiving crew, then it's back up to jump and land on a beach where friends and family wait. 

The helicopter has leather seats and air-conditioning and can reach jump altitude in half the time of a plane.

As opposed to a plane, helicopters move slowly and hover in the air, so skydivers can exit the aircraft going from zero to terminal velocity in ten seconds.

The tour costs from $1149 per person and is available on demand.

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