Our World In pictures: Doors around the world

Beauty can be found in unexpected and everyday places when we travel: even in the humble front door.

This photographic collection of doors from around the world is not just an obvious pun on my surname. After more than a decade of occasional travel, I found that my street scenes contained a sprinkling of doors — simple or splendid, rustic or refined. 

I put them aside for a private file: Dawe’s doors.

My intention is to capture something that’s unusual, that stands out and is quirky, not necessarily a specially composed shot that says “ahhh”. Over the years, my definition has broadened. 

I now include open doorways with elaborate surrounds or spaces where a door can be imagined. 

There are grand, expensive doors of intricate design and some shabby, abandoned ones that evoke a story of habitation or use. 

It’s the juxtaposition that counts — anything that jumps out at you and grabs your attention for a moment.

I hope these images, seen together, grab your attention for a moment.