Insurance ensures an interesting evening

Photo of Niall McIlroy

Our latest Seven West Travel Club Meet the Team event on Travel Insurance proved enlightening and entertaining. 

We always thought insurance would prove an interesting topic and so it proved during our latest Seven West Travel Club Meet the Team event.

Travel insurance can feel like a "necessary evil" with policy details shrouded in uncertainty but with Cover-more business development manager for WA Kate Foster on hand, scores of curly questions were transformed into an avalanche of straight answers. 

Speaking of avalanches, did you know that marked-run (piste) skiing is covered under a full Cover-more policy? It's an activity that, perhaps unsurprisingly given its thrills and spills, sees a very high ratio of claims made.

But while you will be covered for sky diving and bungee jumping, fencing and wrestling (!), you're on your own if you take the plunge cliff diving at Acapulco. 

As you can tell, I learnt plenty and enthusiastic Seven West Travel Club members did too as they found out you have to be 250km from home to be covered by travel insurance, that Cover-more - which solely provides travel insurance, will cover you for up to 18 months overseas, that cruising is insured the same as any other holiday and that in the event of a close family member dying, you are covered for the cost of changing your travel plans, regardless of whether or not they had a pre-existing condition.

A word of advice from Kate Foster - buy your travel insurance policy as soon as you outlay any money towards a holiday. And don't forget, Seven West Travel Club members get a 20 per cent discount with Cover-more - Australia's biggest travel insurer.