Islands a real freak of nature

The Abrolhos is Australia’s Galapagos...

Just like the islands off South America, the Abrolhos Islands are freaks of geography, where tropical and temperate ocean species mix.

But, unlike the Galapagos, which would usually draw more than 270,000 visitors a year, few people will visit Western Australia’s newest national park this year. For the Houtman Abrolhos National Park was formed only 18 months ago — most of which have been “lost” for visitors, of course.

And here I’d better quickly address what will be going through the minds of many readers. No — the Abrolhos is not just a bunch of windswept, boring sandy islands with not much to see and do. The Abrolhos are a freak of geography and oceanography and a real treasure.

So it feels empty, new and exciting.

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