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Photo of Stephen Scourfield

From secrets revealed to songs sung, the Travel team is playing its part in Perth Festival Writers Week.


The event, There Are Strings Attached, traces the origins of the various parts of the stringed instruments that Scott makes and plays, from Alaska to India and home to Australia. 

Stephen has connections to the same places through his travel and writing. And then they have their 30-year friendship. 

There are, indeed, strings attached.

Saturday, February 23. Noon to 1.30pm, University of WA Club Restaurant. Tickets $90 (including beautiful lunch) and $81 for festival friends. (Book now because it’s filling.)

The West Australian’s Travel editor, Stephen Scourfield, is working on a special performance with luthier and musician Scott Wise for Perth Festival Writers Week. Duration: 01m33s

It combines his recent travels with thoughts of home, childhood and the philosophy we all build within ourselves. 

This world premiere performance will bring the themes of the book to theatrical life in spoken words and specially commissioned music.

Saturday, February 23, 5.30pm start, UWA Club Banquet Hall. Tickets $15 (students $13).


How do we go about writing travel stories? What essentials don’t we leave home without? This is your chance to ask.

Sunday, February 24, 5.30pm start, UWA Club Banquet Hall. Tickets $15 (students $13).

All they need to take part is a smartphone.

Sunday, February 24, 9am to 1pm. Patricia Crawford Courtyard. Free.

Duration: 0m 35s


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