Arrivals & Departures Meet Traily McTrailerface

Photo of Niall McIlroy

Strange but true it may well be this epic Alaska adventure with our friend Traily.

In the spirit of Boaty McBoatface we'd like to introduce you to Traily McTrailerface.

You many remember that a public vote to choose a name for a new polar research vessel ended in a landslide in favour of Boaty McBoatface. Well Mark Thornton has been exploring cold climes, too, this time spectacular Canada and Alaska on a fantastic road trip.

And he did so in the comfort and warmth of an ever-faithful RV affectionately known as Traily McTrailerface.

So join Traily and Mark on the first episode of their 5800km journey of discovery north from Atlin in British Columbia to Valdez, Alaska.  

And check back everyday this week to read each new episode - you'll find them in the special Traily McTrailerface category.

These are the Strange But True Adventures of Traily McTrailerface (who, unlike Boaty, gets to keep his name!).

EPISODE 1: The strange but true adventures of Traily McTrailerface

EPISODE 2: Traily enjoys the scenery and wildlife (including otters!)

EPISODE 3: Traily visits the strange town in Alaska


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