Mermaid tales from Busselton

Photo of Mogens Johansen

Swim with MOGENS JOHANSEN and the mermaids of Busselton Jetty

The new solar powered train on the Busselton Jetty rolls out from the station filled with excited families.

Judging by the children onboard, the train ride itself is already a big hit, but what awaits them at the Underwater Observatory near the end of the jetty will leave lasting memories.

For many, it will be the fist time they see what lies beneath the surface of the water. It’s a chance to view the colourful coral and sponges on the jetty pylons and the fish swimming amongst them from the safety of the observatory ...

But what they are really looking forward to is seeing mermaids.

These mythical creatures are part of folklore in many cultures worldwide and they have captured the imagination of children across the world after starring in popular movies like The Little Mermaid and Mermaid’s Tale.


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