The new breed of backpackers

The hostel traveller has evolved, writes STEPHEN SCOURFIELD. And that’s official....

A newly released global report shatters backpacker stereotypes across three generations — baby boomers (born 1946-1964), Gen-X (1961-1981), and Gen-Y (1980-1994). The report, which was released on Wednesday by Hostelworld, a hostel-focused online booking website, followed a global survey of 5000 people, 1000 coming from Australia.

Among those surveyed, it found:

A spokesperson for Hostelworld says: “Latin America is the biggest emerging backpacker route for millennial and Gen-Z travellers. Whilst Europe captured the hearts of past jetsetters, Central America has created a new-found appetite for adventure, with a 61 per cent increase in travellers heading there today. For Gen-Z, South America is top of their list, as one in five (20 per cent) 16-21-year-olds surveyed intend to visit South America in the next three years.” lists 16,500 hostels in 179 countries.


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