Arrivals & Departures Round the World Dinner

STEPHEN SCOURFIELD shares a special moment in sound ahead of the next West Travel Club Round the World Dinner

I’m standing in Arctic Canada, listening to two Inuit women throat sing.

They stand, facing each other, close up, a younger woman challenging an older woman.

The older woman leads, from song to song, from one timescale to another, changing fast, trying to trip the other.

When one stops, they lose — and they usually stop within a minute.

The polar regions of the Canadian Arctic have long been inhabited by indigenous people, living in extreme climate — throat singing, paddling kayaks that are frames covered with seal skins, living in and off this harsh environment.

And their story is just one of five that will be told a week on Tuesday, we will go round the world, in one evening, in cuisine, music and words.

Chef Costa Simatos has crafted a truly inspiring and beautiful five-course menu, with one of the courses based on the cuisine of the Canadian Arctic. And it’s beautiful. I have written the story, to be performed on the night, and composer and musician Steve Richter is now writing the music to be played live on the evening.

We do this before each course, setting the scene for the cuisine.

It is all set to be an extraordinary evening, starting at 7pm, finishing at 10pm. We do these once, create a moment to be remembered, and don’t repeat them.

There are some places left at the dinner.

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