Not so trapezey

Gorilla Circus not for the faint-hearted, finds RONAN O'CONNELL

A French woman is out of control in London. Catapulted through the air, she screeches, clutching desperately for a metal bar which is just beyond her reach in Regent’s Park. Her back arches, her arm stretches and her fingers waggle. For a fraction of a second she hovers in mid-air. Then the bar swings away from her and gravity sends her hurtling towards the ground. Her face is crumpled in terror, regardless of the fact a huge, strong net is waiting below to provide her a soft landing.

She falls flat on her back, the net bounces her back to her feet, she steadies herself and lets loose with another scream, this one paired with an expletive. Like most of the people attending this Gorilla Circus trapeze lesson, she is a tourist with no prior experience of this pursuit. And she has just learned that the trapeze is every bit as scary as it looks.

Having absorbed her fear from afar I’m now relieved there was no space for me to take part in this lesson. I was delighted to play the role of observer.

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