One in 15 wildflower year at Ninghan Station

Photo of Stephen Scourfield

Between Wubin and Paynes Find, on the Great Northern Highway in Western Australia, Ninghan Station has long been recognised as an epicentre for WA's carpets of wildflowers, and this is an exceptional year.

Don Bell, who with wife Leah and son Ashley, run the station, reckons he hasn't seen wildflowers like this in more than 15 years.

It has been a good year for rainfall, but the resurgence in the spread of flowers is also a tribute to their hard work in clearing goats from the property.

And between the last weekend in August and the first in September, flowers were continuing to grow taller and strengthen in colour. While in some areas on the station, blooms are on the wane, in others they could last until towards the end of September.

There are interesting granite outcrops on the station — it is estimated that each visible one metre of rock represents a million years of erosion.


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