One year on, a waking world

On March 13, 2020, I was in Musandam, the northern peninsula of Oman which pokes up into the Strait of Homuz. Iran was about 40km away.

I was in Khasab, and spent the morning visiting the town’s museum and some local shops, before boarding a traditional Middle Eastern dhow to sail to Khroshim. We slept on the deck, under the stars. For I was with old friends and new on a Travel Club Tour, and all around us, the world was closing. By the time we got back to Muscat, we were in the full throes of making sure we could get home.

On March 25, 2020, the Australian Government issued a ban on all international travel for the whole world and from midnight on March 31, the State Government restricted travel between WA regions.

We all lived through what followed. The closing down; people getting home; cancellations, refunds; WA closing its borders and then travel within WA.

Each week, the Travel team stayed right in the moment, on top of the subject. We went from advising on refunds to writing about local parks, and then have expanded each week across the State and interstate as the situation has changed.

Monday, March 15, should be a landmark day — with all borders across Australia open for WA travellers. Without any hitches, we should be able to travel to all States and Territories, and return without quarantine.

It’s been a big year. Monday is a big day. Welcome back, Australia.

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