Arrivals & Departures Our Favourite Travel Moments: Matso's and music in Broome

Bart Pigram takes a group on his My Heritage Tour through Broome.
Photo of Angie Tomlinson

With its rich history and diverse, distinctive culture, the Kimberley town delighted one first-time visitor.

I've never really liked ginger beer, but when it's Matso's ginger beer drunk on a hot Kimberley day while listening to Bart and Naomi Pigram jam — having just visited the Pigram Brothers' backyard studio — well, you just don't get a moment that's much more Broome than that.  

As a first-time visitor earlier this year, I found Broome was full of surprises. 

Its rich and diverse history delighted, from the dinosaur footprints to the indigenous history Bart Pigram tells on his cultural tours. 

Then, of course, there is the pearl industry. It has left its mark on the town and in the faces of the people and their delightfully diverse cultural backgrounds.

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