Arrivals & Departures Our Favourite Travel Moments: Breakfast with orang-utans in Singapore

Photo of Angie Tomlinson

The zoos, the gardens, the fusion of big city with nature: Singapore proves it's no mere stopover but a family holiday destination that can absolutely delight.  

We are making our way to a 9am appointment at Ah Meng Restaurant... breakfast with five of the zoo's resident orang-utans. We’re going under the pretence that it's for my freshly turned four-year-old's birthday but, really, I also want to have breakfast with the orang-utans. 

That's the thing about Singapore: its sites and attractions appeal to all members of the family.

And it's that appeal that saw us enchanted by Singapore's zoos, its national treasure in the National Orchid Garden, and the image synonymous with the city — the futuristic trees at Gardens by the Bay.

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