Arrivals & Departures The ultimate accommodation for aviation nerds: Spending the night in a plane

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Did you dream of becoming a pilot as a kid? Here's your chance to stay overnight in a fully converted plane, complete with a cockpit and runway view.

In the Netherlands, you can stay in a grounded aeroplane, converted into a luxury suite but still boasting a fully equipped cockpit and a terrace that overlooks Teuge Airport’s runway.

At nearly 40m long, there is plenty of space for the bedroom, bathroom, spa and sauna.

Built in 1960, the Ilyushin 18 plane spent its first years as in government service before East German airline Interflug used it to fly to Cuba, Russia, China and Vietnam.

Originally built to accommodate 120 passengers and a four-person crew in the cockpit, upon retirement it became a restaurant before being bought by in 2007.

And if you're really keen on the aviation theme, you can also book a plane or helicopter tour, a flight lesson, parachute jump or ride in a stunt plane.

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