Overseas freedom, without leaving WA

There’s no need for a passport to break the mainland shackles, writes STEPHEN SCOURFIELD

That’s it. Enough of this pandemic. We’re off overseas ... to break away from the everyday ... to feel the slower pulse of the ocean, rather than the tick-tick-tick of the mainland .. .. to reset the clock.

But we’re not even leaving WA.

To leave the continent and be on an island is to be cast adrift, untethered, unencumbered, surrounded by blue.

As brilliant author Lawrence Durrell (Gerald’s brother) wrote in his book Reflections of a Marine Venus: “There are people who find islands somehow irresistible. The mere knowledge that they are on an island, a little world surrounded by the sea, fills them with an indescribable intoxication. These born ‘islomanes’ are direct descendants of the Atlanteans.” (That fictional island mentioned by Plato.)

And so there’s a good chance that I, too, am descended from people lost to the oceans.

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