Perth, parks and play a winning Christmas combo

STEPHEN SCOURFIELD surveys some of Perth's popular playgrounds

Not everyone gets to go away for the whole Christmas holidays, and particularly this year. Given the financial hit some parents have had, they’re taking all the work they can get.

And so, for parents, grandparents and others on child-carer duties, I’ve been out surveying adventure playgrounds — ones that, with a play lunch, make a good, free outing.

They’re little destinations in themselves. Or, come to think of it, destinations for littlies.


1 Bibra Lake Regional Playground

Set by the lake, under the shade of big trees, it tops the list, with features and designs drawn from local wildlife and fauna. There are water-squirting bullrushes, giant talking rocks telling Nyungar stories and huge turtles. Aboriginal fish traps are represented by basket-like climbing frames. Try the diprotodon fossil dig and grassy play hill, with its tunnels. There’s a double flying fox. Take bathers to enjoy the water features. The playground on Progress Drive, just south of Hope Road, is big (7000sqm) and open seven days-a-week from 8.30am to 9pm. There are barbecues, picnic areas, toilets and change rooms. There’s usually a food van.

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