A Day at the Races: Racegoers win with action shots

Photo of Stephen Scourfield

Colour and movement made the day for our photo walk event at Belmont Park.

Our Day at the Races photo walk last Saturday gave us a good workout.

There were horses being warmed up, tack hanging in stables, riders in colourful silks in the mounting yard, spectators enjoying the sun and cool breeze, and then the races themselves. 

We were tracking and panning, looking for sharp race pictures and then images with plenty of movement. We were working our exposure compensation, shooting action into the light.

And the beauty of an “assignment” like this is that the cycle repeats for the next race, and the next race, and you can learn and get better.


The action techniques perfected on Saturday, for example, are completely applicable to wildlife photography on safari in Africa — except that there, you often only get one go at a shot. 

So a day at the races proved a good way to prepare for many travel photography situations.

For importantly, on our photo walk, we were looking for a set of pictures — adding detail shots and portraits.

The photographers who joined our lead Travel photographer, Mogens Johansen, and me at Belmont Park Racecourse were most welcome. 

Not only by us but by the staff at Belmont, the racing fraternity and spectators, who all helped with the pictures — especially the boys from Dowerin and Dongara who were enjoying $8 pints, and the young couples dressed to the nines, for the low-key meet.

Our next photo workshop events...

Join Travel lead photographer, Mogens Johansen for practical tips and tricks, and pictures to inspire you to bring back pin-sharp images and wonderful memories.

Limited to 16 people.

Seven West Media (WA), 50 Hasler Road, Osborne Park.

Sunday, October 7; 10am to 1.15pm.

Travel Club gold members, $75. Registered members $150. (Registered membership is free, and it costs $49 to become a gold member. Yes — you win.).

Join Mogens Johansen at Elizabeth Quay and around the Bell Tower, Perth, to learn techniques for taking stunning evening and night time photographs.

Limited to 10 people.

Sunday, November 4; 6pm to 8pm.

Travel Club gold members $50. Registered members $75.

(Top image: Marisa Raymond)


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