Piece of mirrorless camera action

Canon EOS M5 review. The little Canon M5 with the Canon mount adapter and a EF 24-105mm zoom from my DSLR kit. Pic Mogens Johansen, The West Australian
Photo of Mogens Johansen

Canon's new mirrorless reflects the focus it's giving the technology.

The recently released Canon EOS M5 is the clearest indication that Canon may finally be ready to fully embrace the popularity of the compact mirrorless systems. 

It has until recently appeared to be a reluctant participant in this part of the market while other manufacturers like Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus have shown the way with their mirrorless systems and have been selling plenty of them.

The new Canon EOS M5 is by far their best mirrorless so far. 

It is an attractive, competent little camera that delivers very similar performance to the mid-level Canon EOS 80D DSLR.

The M5 has some of Canon’s best imaging technology packed into its compact black body. 

At its heart is a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus. 

It has a high resolution 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder plus a tilting 80mm, 1.62 million dot LCD screen that swivels up and down. 

The camera can shoot seven frames a second with continuous AF plus 1080 HD video it and it has built in wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Canon has always been good at designing user-friendly cameras and the M5 doesn’t disappoint. It feels great in the hand, thanks to a good-sized grip and comfortable, well-placed dials that are easy to operate. The menu, although different to the ones on my DSLR, is logical and intuitive to navigate. 

The top of the camera is home to most of the controls. 

The mode dial and on-off button are on the left, the hot shoe and pop-up flash in the centre and on the right is the exposure compensation dial plus a handy new dial function button and quick-control dial. 

The back of the camera has the large touch-enabled LCD screen and menu buttons. 

The touch-and-drag feature on the LCD screen works well for changing AF points with your thumb while looking through the viewfinder. 

The M5 works with Canon’s range of small EF-M lenses but it is also compatible with their EF and EF-S lenses with the Canon EF adapter. 

I used the M5 with both the supplied 15-45mm EF-M lens and a range of different EF-S lenses from my DSLR kit and although it worked seamlessly — it does kind of defeat the purpose of the compact mirrorless system but can be a handy thing if you already have a collection of Canon lenses for your DSLR.

If you find yourself looking for a small, light and powerful system camera or if you already own a Canon DSLR system and want to add a fully compatible compact camera, it will be a good addition to your kit. 

The recommended retail price for the Canon EOS M5 kit with the 15-45 EF-M lens is approximately $1599.

Picture at top: The Canon EOS M5 with the mount adapter. Picture: Mogens Johansen

Fact File

24.2 MP dual pixel APS-C CMOS sensor.

2.36M-dot OLED electronic viewfinder.

1.62M-dot tilting rear touch screen. 

7 fps continuous shooting. 

1080 HD video. 

Bluetooth and wi-fi.

See canon.com.au.


The Canon EOS M5 was lent to Mogens Johansen by Canon.