Pioneer Cas rides off into the sunset

STEPHEN SCOURFIELD remembers a man who left a legacy to tourism in the town of Broome

A life-sized metal camel has arrived in Broome, to eventually be set on Cable Beach to honour the late Abdul “Cas” Casley, who died recently.

Cas started Ships of the Desert camel tours in the early 1980s, pioneering the sunset camel rides that are now one of Broome’s most famous drawcards.

The $85,000 “spare parts” camel sculpture has been bought by Red Sun Camels owner John Geappen, who says Broome’s current camel tour operators “walk in Mr Casley’s footsteps”.

Mr Geappen adds: “She will take pride of place and I am sure she will be one of the most photographed things on Cable Beach.

“The Cable Beach redevelopment is excellent. You only have to look at what they have done with Town Beach and the town itself ... they have done an excellent job so I have no doubt Cable Beach will be in a similar vein.”

The camel sculpture was made in Narembeen by Jordan Sprigg, who was inspired by a trip to Broome in 2018. It took him 300 hours to make, in the shed on his family’s farm.

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